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The inaugural Voltaire’s Wicked Necrocomicon has come to an end. We hope you had an amazing experience!

…welcome, welcome!

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When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark

- Julie Andrews, “Walk Alone”

Yes, please, don’t be afraid of the dark. Come on in – and as you enter, would you mind massaging this complimentary bottle of barbecue sauce into your skin? It’s just our little way of saying, ‘We’d like to get to know you.’”

-Anonymous NecroComicon Attendee

Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon is an event for those of us who sometimes prefer  the world with a few extra shadows in it.  It’s for people who enjoy the dark, the macabre, the strange, disturbing, and different.  It’s a place for gallows humor, horror, and perhaps a few drops of madness, villainy, and some of the blacker shades of gray.

It’s also a bit of response to an unfortunate turn of events – the way, more and more, shows seem to focus on nothing but the biggest stars, and forget about the rising talents, the worthy but lesser-known whose work is amazing. but who aren’t backed by a big budget ad campaign.

It’s a show whose purpose in life is more than just “cram as many people through the door at the highest price possible” – it’s about trying to build an affordable show where each and every single attendee, regardless of who they are or where they come from, has the time of their lives.  (Or the time of their deaths and undeaths, as the case may be. )

Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon is the brainchild of Renaissance man Aurelio Voltaire – musician, author, artist, teacher, speaker, and filmmaker  - who also be at the show all weekend, performing, reading from his works, showing his short films, giving workshops, and just plain hanging around the bar, sipping a little rum – maybe a lot of rum, actually…

It’s co-created and co-produced by Jeff Mach events, creators of our sister event, The Wicked Winter Renaissance Fair - as well as The Goblin Market Live: Occultus, The Steampunk World’s Fair, and many other events.



VWNCC_VF_Rev1We are excited to announce that Jet of VampireFreaks will be at at Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon!
In celebration of this, all VampireFreaks members can check the official VF site for an exclusive coupon code for Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon or Wicked Faire/NecroComicon Combo Admission!

Not a VF member yet? Well, go sign up at:

While you are at the event, stop by the VampireFreak’s table and check out some of their incredible merchandise!


The Cult Goddess: Debbie Rochon


We’re crazy excited to have indie actress, writer, and filmmaker Debbie Rochon! She’s been in over 200 movies, mostly of the horror/cult genre.

Some movies you may’ve seen her in (click the movie title links for trailers):
* Tromeo & Juliet
* The Good Sisters
* Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots

In addition to winning numerous awards (Best Psychette 2002 & Scream Queen of the Decade from readers poll in Draculina Magazine, to name a few) for her acting in these films, she also writes for The Phantom of the Movies’ Videoscope mag, pens a “comedic yet frightfully insightful column in Fangoria mag called ‘Diary of the Deb’”, and just finished up her feature film directing debut for the movie Model Hunger.

As her website bio says:

“She worked her way up to leading lady status and continues to enjoy creating complex and off kilter characters for the screen. Debbie is equally drawn to broad absurdist comedy as she is to deeply dramatic horrifying horror roles.”

Also, how badass is it that she got inducted into the B Movie Hall of Fame in October 2004?

The Dark Elf Lord’s Masquerade Ball

Voltaire_masqueradeWorld renowned writer, Neil Gaiman, has referred to Voltaire on various occasions as a “Gothic Elf Lord.” Tonight he embraces that and invites you into a masquerade ball inspired by Labyrinth (but perhaps darker)! Don your finest attire, place a mask upon your face and join us at The Masquerade! Throughout the night, Voltaire and friends will hand out tickets to those wearing the best costumes. If you’re given one, stick around for the costume procession, to find out what you’ve won!
Sunday, Midnight – 2:45 am

Baron Misuraca’s Vampire Lounge

VWNCC_BaronMisuracaVAmpireLoungeDirect from the darkened, swinging streets of NYC, comes forth Baron Misuraca’s Vampire Lounge! From the stages of NYC’s fi nest lounges, comes Baron Misuraca and his latest musical endeavor – Baron Misuraca’s Vampire Lounge! From “Puttin’ on the Ritz” to “New York, New York” and everything in between, Baron Misuraca’s Vampire Lounge showcases the very best of Frank, Dino, Bobby, Tony, Sammy, Bing, Fred, Nat, Peggy and more! Known for his baritone voice and charismatic stage presence, Baron Misuraca has certainly left his indelible bite within the realm of popular music. He has performed to audiences the world over; most recently at the Kremlin in Moscow, and is part of the cast of Speakeasy Dollhouse NYC. He has been featured on the Discovery Channel, MTV, TLC, in independent fi lm projects, and within the pages of Newsday and his own comic book series.
Find Baron Misuraca online at and

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School




Image from Dr. Sketchy Asbury Park’s Facebook

Model is Anne Roig of the Asbury Zombie Walks zombie pin-up calender,

who posed at the Asbury Lanes for Dr.Sketchy Asbury Park.

(Blood and heart are not guaranteed at every Dr. Sketchy event…think of the clean up…)

Do you like your art with a bit gore and sexy?  If so, then you’ll want to be sure to catch Dr. Sketchy (of Asbury Park) anti-art school session at the NecroComicon!  Founded in 2005 in a dive bar in Brooklyn, Dr. Sketchy’s has now spread to over 100 cities around the world and is coming to Somerset, NJ just for you!


Whether you’re an art student looking for a challenge,  or just want to absorb the marriage of blood and art, this is sure to be a unique and creative time.  Because nothing says “come draw me” like your model holding aloft a heart and being covered in blood…


Dr. Sketchy’s was founded in 2005 by artists Molly Crabapple and A.V. Phibes. It’s been run solely by Molly Crabapple (and her cadre of awesome helpers) since early ’06. You can see more of Molly’s art at

Dark Super Art Fight!

Image from

Image from

You’ve never seen art created like this before…

Imagine, if you will, a “a surreal mixture of live art, pro-wrestling style characters and storytelling, a dash of hilarious, and improvised commentary.” Once you’ve conjured up that unique mental image, give it a NecroComicon twist and you’ve got the DARK Super Art Fight!

This insane mash up of art-creating and showmanship has been performed all across the United States at conventions like Katsucon, Otakon, and Connecticon. Additionally, they’ve self-produced live shows in punk rock and comedy clubs! Super Art Fight provides a unique form of art based entertainment and they’ll be doing TWO shows plus a Q&A session at the NecroComicon. You can also visit them in the Fright Gallery where they’ll be vending all weekend, as well!

To get an idea of what to expect, see the Rules below or visit for more info.

The Rules of Super Art Fight

So now you know how awesome Super Art Fight is – how is a Super Art Fight contested?

After a series of bouts, we’ve finally settled on a set list of rules, which appear below.

  • All Bouts are to have a 25 minute time limit.
  • Prior to each bout, each participant (or team) is given a starting topic, which they must begin their piece with.
  • Over the course of the bout, each participant is given a new topic at the 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute increments randomly chosen by the WHEEL OF DEATH, a topic generator featuring topics from you – the fans!
  • Each artist (or team) has one “re-spin” per bout, allowing them to reject a submission from the Wheel of Death and get a new topic. However, this may turn the audience against the artist (if they reject a popular topic), so artist’s beware!
  • Participants are allowed and encouraged to “attack” each others art, either by completing a piece left unfinished by their opponent(s) or subverting it with their own artistic additions.
  • TAG TEAM RULE: A clear tag must be seen by the referee. After the tag, both team members have a 5 second countdown to “double team” the canvas.
  • TAG TEAM RULE: The final 2 minutes are a “free-for-all”. All participants are allowed to draw at once.
  • The winner is chosen by the audience. Loudest cheers = the winner!

The Vampire Club – a Gothic Dance Party

Voltaire_vampire club

“And Boris at the bar orders a Bud and says,
‘It’s just another night at the Vampire Club.’”
― Voltaire

Creatures of the night, join us for a Goth/Deathrock/Alternative 80s party sure to put you in a dancing (and blood drinking) mood!

At the bar: Absinthe, Bloody Marys, Snakebite, and, of course, Shirley Temples. Because Shirley Temples are delicious.

People will wear: Whatever they damn well please, because we’re here to have a good time. Feel free to wear black; capes and fangs are lovely; cloaks are grand; publicly-appropriate Sailor Moon outfits are perfectly fine with us if that’s what you’re into; light fetish attire is fine; t-shirts are fine; the stolen bodies of other attendees are fine as long as you have their prior consent; come dressed to dance, hang out, and have fun!

The DJ will spin: Bauhaus, Ego Likeness, Sisters of Mercy, The Spice Girls, Dr. Steel, Voltaire, The Cure, The Cruxshadows, tunes from that “Spooky Halloween Hits” record that your parents bought in 1981, IAMX, Depeche Mode, The Talking Heads, probably some Voltaire, and anything else your little black heart would love!

The atmosphere: Dark, foreboding, and candlelit. Like a dinner with Dracula, or a bad date with Liberace. Or possibly both at the same time.

Voltaire’s Late Night “Scare-aoke”

Listen to them, the children of the night! They howl, they wail, they sing!
It’s Late Night Scare-aoke!
Join Voltaire and friends as YOU, the audience takes center stage  singing spooky songs from a vast karaoke collection of spooky hits old and new!

Bringing the Undead to Life, from Zombie Fan to Fiction Writer


Zombie pencil and mail holder image from

In the space of one year, Neil Cohen went from fan of zombie and apocalyptic literature and movies, known as “Sh*t Hits The Fan” genre’, to publishing his first book. He will detail the path he took, the mistakes he made, the search for illustrators, the power of networking, the sacrifices made, and how to annoy the hell out of friends and family during the process.
For anyone looking to write a book or screenplay, this will either be an encouraging or discouraging session. Whichever it is for you, it promises to offer informative insight into the real world of writing and getting published in a niche genre.